Of Banyans and Geo-tags

A heartfelt post about our efforts to save 914 Banyan trees from being felled for a highway expansion project.


A 7-year-old post about solitude which makes more sense today

Happiness in the Pandemic

Restarting the blogs with a small picture story of moments of joy in an unrelentingly challenging year of the global pandemic

Love Shack On the Beach

A weekend getaway that involved a hideous villa with florescent night skies painted on the ceiling

Appa Dearest

A short story about messed up childhood and relationship with parents


A moody, broody piece


Capturing the valiant hopes of flowers of our window garden

Beatles and Birds of Prey

We reached Naukuchiatal around 3:00 p.m. on the last day of our trip to Corbett-Pangot-Sattal. We had been walking all day around Sattal. We’d had a very forgettable meal in one of the shacks on the lakeside. We had spotted dozens of birds, none of which we could ID. Our feet were tired and our hearts were…

The Bickering Sibia

It happens in every aspiring birder’s life that there is one “Moby Dick” bird that just eludes capture in the camera. The birder goes mad, diving into bushes, rushing into other people’s backyards, jumping down a cliff with nary a thought of his own safety and chanting the bird’s name in his sleep. It was…