Appa Dearest

A short story about messed up childhood and relationship with parents


A moody, broody piece


Capturing the valiant hopes of flowers of our window garden

Morning River

An attempt to capture the mystique of Indian rivers


Subarnarekha river on a misty morning

The Spirit Tiger

A comic-fantasy involving a forest, tigers and ancient secrets. With a custom illustration!

Enki’s Boon

A magic-realistic rom-com involving a Sumerian God, a nerd and a clumsy girl. Not to miss the custom illustrations!

Yellow Mohawk Dance

A story about releasing the past in the lap of nature, in the company of some yellow-green birds.

The River Goddess

The Garjiya Devi temple is a scenic temple on a sandy island in the middle of Kosi river, on the outskirts of Jim Corbett National Park. It is claimed to be one of the most famous temples in the Nanital district. It is situated on a picturesque steep rock, surrounded by the river and forests….

The Convert

In the beginning, he hated birders. He maintained that they were supremely annoying, with their obsessive talk–no, not about this bird or the other–but their bazooka lenses, this full-frame body, that crop-frame sensor, this cost of location and the other sharp picture. They were quite insular in their arcane hobby and didn’t care whether the…

The Stubborn Baby

The Dhikala grassland at the Jim Corbett National Park is a wonderland. It is nestled in the middle of dense forests of Uttarakhand, abetted by the meandering Ram Ganga river that hides many surprises. It is especially enchanting during winter mornings. Thick fog engulfs everything as one starts early in the morning. Visibility is poor…

Patron Saint of Untrained Birders

We have reasons to believe that the Blue Whistling Thrush is the patron saint of the untrained birders. In December 2017, we made a cavalier trip to the birding triangle of Corbet – Pangot – Sattaal (in Uttarakhand, India) with a spanking new 200 – 500 lens, no birding book and a smart-aleck driver who…